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    Use our small groups directory to find the group that is right for you. Contact the leaders to get more info, and make plans to try it out in person!

    Small Groups are the connection to authentic discipleship, new friendships, and tons of fun. In good times and bad, small groups are the source of life-giving relationships and support. Students will never experience all that God has to offer until they connect in life giving relationships.

    Small Groups are divided between ages and based on a variety of topics that are relevant to life, so it’s easy to find one that’s perfect for you! Groups meet once a week in homes, in restaurants, or other locations throughout your city. The groups start and begin three times a year, so you have the chance to find a group that fits you best!


    EnglishJulie Quintero & Kayla Hoard956.455.73422975 Old Alice Rd.Wed7:00amPainting with the girls and we will watching a series by Francis Chan called BASIC.Who is God?
    EnglishSam Ibarra956.204.44326975 Paredes Line Rd.Wed7:00pmBold and Beautiful
    EnglishVictor Garcia/Bruce Beard956.559.0412 956.622.6131Brownsville, TX: Oliveira ParkSat4:00pmDevotional/ Sports


    Don’t worry, more groups to come after our next Crossover Night on Feb. 10, 2016