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Model Man Curriculum

In this confused, chaotic world, men are looking to find a model man: a man who possesses the qualities of integrity, purity, pace of life, purpose, a model marriage, model children, and a powerful legacy. In this practical guidebook to manhood, Larry Stockstill describes this “model man” and his journey from integrity to legacy. These 9 short chapters will give you a new image, a new foundation, and a new starting place to rebuild your life into one that many will seek to imitate. Get ready to be coached, challenged, broken, and rebuilt until God can see in you His greatest dream: the godly, long-term, influential, and powerful “model man”!

There are three options available:

  1. Model Man book study
  2. Model Man DVD / Workbook
  3. Model Man Weekly Discussion Guide: This option is a convenient way to lead a “Model Man” small group whether you will be meeting over lunch, coffee or outdoors.

Small Groups Weekly Discussion Guide

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