Our Story

Pastor Bob came to the Rio Grande Valley

Pastor Bob came to the Valley in 1974 as a newly employed college graduate and shortly thereafter married his college girlfriend. Together, they began to serve the Lord in their local church and grow as Christians. After a few years, Pastor Bob felt the Lord was calling him into full-time ministry, and so he turned from other job opportunities to follow a rigorous mentorship program that taught Biblical doctrine and church disciplines.

Moved to Brownsville

In 1991, he was given the opportunity to move to Brownsville and become an extension of a local Harlingen congregation. Within five years, the church had grown to 300, and in its tenth year, the church grew to 1000 people.

Church Attendance Today

Today, the church has 2500 people attending on three different campuses, including one in Northern Mexico, and the congregation continues to grow and expand.

Some major functions of the church are the Sunday service experience, where vital, uplifting worship is led and a life-giving message is spoken. The children’s ministry on Sunday unpacks Biblical principles to the next generation during times of fun, song, crafts, and teaching. During the week, the Growth Track helps believers to grow in their Christian walk and learn about the gifting God has placed in each of them.  During the week people meet together in Small Groups where they grow closer together as they hang out, pray together, study scripture and oftentimes, eat!

Part of our core values is that each believer has been ordained by God for some great purpose and each of us is responsible to find that purpose out and live it to God’s fullest. It really is amazing to discover that purpose.  People enjoy serving! It is part of God’s great plan for our lives.