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Begin by asking your small group members the following questions. Hopefully, the answers will help you develop a project that is a perfect fit for your group.

• Who in your neighborhood has a need?
• What business or organization within your sphere of influence could use a blessing?
• What project types best suit your group’s ages and abilities? (prayer, worship, teaching, physical labor, etc.)

General Ideas
• Host a free garage sale
• Bring free lunches to construction workers and servicemen in your area
• Hand out free gum at a local park
• Clean up a widow’s or single mom’s yard
• Give out free sunscreen at a city park
• Give out free bottled water
• Plan a “Back to School Bash” for foster care children. Have free food, games, and a backpack/school supply giveaway
• Give out free donuts and coffee at bus stop or shopping center
• Host a free car wash for the faculty
• Minor car repairs for elderly, widows and/or single mom’s
• Kids host a free kids toys and games garage sale
• Kids host a free lemonade stand

Nursing Homes
• Deliver fresh flowers to the residents
• Host a worship service at a nursing home (offer worship, devotions, prayer, and fellowship)
• Throw a “Senior Prom” complete with live music, food, and decorations
• Landscape a flower garden and sitting area for resident
• Have kids make crafts (necklaces, wooden crosses) that can be given to residents
• Distribute chips and sodas to residents & employees (check with staff on food restrictions)
• Tea Party
• Help the residents complete care packages for foster kids

• Band: Serve free drinks or snacks at their practices
• Sports teams: Serve free bottled water at their practices
• Give away free mechanical pencils or energy drinks to college students
• Host a free picnic in the quad. 
• Give out free donuts and coffee on the quad

Special Needs/Youth Home
• Identify a family with a special needs child and give the family a Mom & Dad’s day out
• Adopt a group home for the day and throw a party for the residents
• Build a wheelchair ramp for handicapped
• Organize a field day for a group youth home

Street Outreach
• Serve hot breakfast for the homeless in your community
• Do a community trash clean up
• Host a “Block Party” with free food, games, music, etc. for families
• Renovate a run-down playground or park in the area
• Do a door-to-door grocery giveaway
• Have a “Free Grass Cutting” day

• Serve free coffee, energy drinks, and snacks to staff and those waiting in the emergency room
• Give out healthy snacks to patients of chemotherapy
• Deliver small gifts to patients and families in the children’s ward (toys, care packages, etc)
• Prayer visits with patients and those in emergency room
• Take care-packages with snacks, sweets and small gift items (lotions, magazines, puzzles etc.) to families of hospitalized children.

Business/Service Organizations/Public Servicemen
• Wash windows
• Trash pick-up in parking lot
• Coral shopping carts to designated spaces
• Cook Lunch for your local police or fire station

Recommended Readings
For further inspiration, you and your congregation can get more ideas from these great books:
• Servolution by Dino Rizzo
• Conspiracy of Kindness by Steve Sjogren
• The Cause Within You by Matthew Barnett
• When Helping Hurts by Steve Corbett & Brian Fikkert

Serve Day Questions

What is SERVE Day?
SERVE Day is our annual outreach event that closes out our Summer Small Group Semester. It is an amazing opportunity to bless and be blessed. Thousands go out into our communities and show the love of Christ in real and tangible ways. We encourage every small group to choose a project of their own and be the hands and feet of Jesus on SERVE Day.

SERVE Day 2017 is scheduled for July 15, 2017.

I want to participate in SERVE Day but I am not in a small group. How do I find a small group?
Most groups are open to new members throughout the semester. Our Small Groups Directory can help you find a group that fits your interest, location and time preference. Learn more about small groups at www.iccenter.org/smallgroups.

You can also check out the Small Group Projects beginning June 1 where you will find a list of small groups that have projects that have room for you to help them with their project. Simply find a project you like and contact the leader listed.

What if I don’t have a project selected and my small group wants to SERVE?
Hopefully, you have selected something to do together, but if you are in need of an idea, you can check out our list of ideas above for ways to get involved. We will also have a list of adoptable projects to serve with some of our Ministry Partners.

How do I plan a SERVE project? 
Get creative! Assess people and their needs in your neighborhood and around your community. Perhaps there is a widow, single mother, or elderly person that could be assisted by painting their house, cutting grass, or cleaning up the yard. Firefighters, police officers, school resource officers, nursing home residents, assisted living homes, and local business owners are all great people to reach out to and find a way to SERVE! Check out our list of ideas above and other options from local service organizations for ways to get involved.

Will the church be communicating additional details about SERVE Day? 
Weekly emails will be sent to all small group leaders and co-leaders, and general information will be communicated here on this site. More info may be presented during Sunday services prior to SERVE Day.

Who pays the costs associated with our small group’s SERVE project (supplies, travel expenses, etc.)?
Each small group is responsible for all of the supplies and costs associated with their SERVE project. Spend time determining the scope of your project and plan work based on your group size and commitment level.

What should I bring on SERVE day? 
Plan on bringing any personal items you may need, like your SERVE Day T-shirt, sunscreen, drinking water, tennis shoes, a hat, etc., along with any items pertaining to your service project such as rakes, gloves, lawnmowers, tarps, work tools, etc. For projects requiring physical labor, work clothes are a good idea. We recommend not wearing jewelry.

What if it rains? 
If you have an outside project, make plans to have an inclement weather option in mind. Some suggestions are to visit a nursing home, serve at a local service organization, or clean classrooms at a local school.

Will there be SERVE projects available for those NOT in a small group? 
Yes, we will have one or more large SERVE projects at each of our campuses for you to participate in on SERVE day. Many of the small groups are open for you to join them on their project. These opportunities will be posted on the Small Groups and Campus Projects pages by name. Feel free to bring your family and participate.

Who do I contact about the campus projects? 
The campus projects will be listed online by June 29, along with the contact information of the project coordinator.

Who can I contact with questions or concerns? 
Email us at [email protected]