Libby Ordeman
Finance and Human Resources
Accounting, Human Resources, Love Brownsville

Victor Echavarria
Executive Pastor

Jared Hernandez
Associate Pastor, Brownsville
Campus Pastor, Creative Director, Small Groups Pastor

Roland Muniz
Olmito Campus Pastor
Campus Pastor, Pastoral Care

Oscar Gonzalez
Matamoros Campus Pastor
Campus Pastor, Pastoral Care

Victor Sánchez
Associate Pastor
Pastoral Care, LIFE/VIDA

Mark Schlatter
Associate Pastor
Pastoral Care

Abel Torres
Associate Pastor
Pastoral Care

Dan Galarza
Students and Growth Track Director
Students, Growth Track 

Gabriela Simpson
Production and Events Director
Production, Audio, Video, and Lights, Events

Genesis Gomez
Executive Assistant to Bob Ordeman
Worship Team

Haley Ibarra
Executive Assistant to Victor Echavarria
Administration, Creative

Kevin Gomez
Worship Director
Worship and Music

Milton Villarreal
IT, Websites, & App Director
Technology, Websites, App

Johnathon Valdez
Web/Graphics Designer & Photographer
Graphics, Website, App, Creative, Photography

Esteban Del Angel
Video Producer

Production, Video, Creative

Alina Lewis
Social Media Manager
Social Media, Creative

Jose Nieto
Dream Center & Outreach Director

Dream Center, Outreach, Dream Team, Correctional Ministry

Rick Ayala
Pastoral Care & Facilities Manager
Pastoral Care, Parking

Juan Carlos Cuellar
Production & Service Coordinator – Matamoros Campus
Production, Worship and Audio

Jason Alvarez
Olmito Service Coordinator

Production, Students, Worship

Leah Hernandez
Children’s Director
ICC Kids, Grls Nite Out, Chosen Conference

Julie Ramirez
Assistant Children’s Director
ICC Kids, Elementary

Natasha Perlaza
Director, Office of Accounting

Daniel Palacios