Staff Photos_Full_0007_Libby

Libby Ordeman
Finance and Human Resources
Accounting, Human Resources, Love Brownsville

Staff Photos_Vic

Victor Echavarria
Executive Pastor

Staff Photos_Full_0002_Sanchez

Victor Sánchez
Associate Pastor
Matamoros Campus Pastor, Pastoral Care, LIFE/VIDA

Staff Photos_Full_0003_Roland

Roland Muniz
Olmito Campus Pastor
Campus Pastor, Pastoral Care

Staff Photos_Full_0018_Jared

Jared Hernandez
Associate Pastor, Brownsville
Campus Pastor, Growth Track, Small Groups

Staff Photos_Mark

Mark Schlatter
Associate Pastor
Pastoral Care

Staff Photos_Full_0027_Abel

Abel Torres
Associate Pastor
Pastoral Care

Staff Photos_Full_0024_Dan

Dan Galarza
Students Director
Students, Growth Track

Staff Photos_Full_0010_Kevin

Kevin Gomez
Worship Director
Worship and Audio

Staff Photos_Full_0019_Isis

Isis Rangel
Executive Assistant to Bob Ordeman
Couples HUB Leader

Staff Photos_Full_0020_Irma

Irma Galarza
Executive Assistant to Victor Echavarria

Staff Photos_Jesus2

Jesus Ortiz
Technology and Creative Arts Director
IT, Creative and Arts, Production, Audio and Video

Staff Photos_Full_0013_John

Johnathon Valdez
Web/Graphics Designer & Photographer
Graphics, Website, App, Creative, Photography

Staff Photos_Full_0023_Esteban

Esteban Del Angel
Video Producer

Production, Video, Creative

Staff Photos_Full_0026_Alina

Alina Lewis
Social Media Manager
Social Media, Creative

Staff Photos_Full_0025_Carlos

Juan Carlos Cuellar
Production & Service Coordinator – Matamoros Campus
Production, Worship and Audio

Staff Photos_Full_0015_Jason2

Jason Alvarez
Olmito Service Coordinator

Production, Students, Worship

Staff Photos_Full_0009_Leah

Leah Hernandez
Children’s Director
ICC Kids, Grls Nite Out, Chosen Conference

Staff Photos_Full_0028_Haley

Haley Chapa
Children’s Coordinator, Olmito Campus
ICC Kids, Olmito Campus

Staff Photos_Full_0022_Gaby

Gabriela Simpson
Receptionist, Host Teams Coordinator

Staff Photos_Full_0005_Natasha

Natasha Perlaza
Director, Office of Accounting

Staff Photos_Full_0021_Hooper

Mark Hooper
Facilities Manager